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Car Needs New Paint? Find Auto Body Services Here

Tips For Handling Minor Damages To Your Car's Fiberglass Exterior

by Edgar Wagner

Damage to a car's fiberglass exterior can create major issues for the automobile because this type of damage can worsen as time progresses. Fortunately, it is possible for you to handle many of the small cracks and dents that your car's exterior can suffer. By following these two tips, you will be better able to keep your car looking as great as possible. 

Use Body Filler To Repair Minor Cracks

It is possible for your car's fiberglass to develop cracks from hitting debris in the road or being in a minor auto accident, and these cracks can present a threat to the rest of your car's exterior. If these are not repaired relatively quickly, the crack can rapidly spread throughout the exterior because moisture will enter the crack and put pressure on the weakened portion of the fiberglass, and this is worsened during the winter because the water may freeze causing the water to further expand. 

Fortunately, you can avoid this outcome by using a small amount of fiberglass body filler to seal and reinforce the crack. You can purchase fiberglass crack repair kits at most automotive stores, and they will contain a small amount of body filler that can be injected into and on top of the crack to close it. Once the filler has dried, you can simply use touch up paint to conceal the damage. 

Use Fiberglass Cloth For Dents 

A dent in your car's fiberglass may seem like it will be impossible to repair without replacing that section of the car's exterior. However, you can use fiberglass cloth to repair this type of damage. This cloth is actually made from thin fiberglass, and you can apply it in a series of layers until the dent is filled. 

Before applying this cloth, you will want to sand down the area that will be covered with the cloth because the bonding epoxy will be unable to securely hold the fiberglass cloth to the painted exterior. After you have sanded the paint, apply a thin layer of the bonding epoxy that comes with the fiberglass cloth to the surface of the car before placing the cloth on top of it. When you have filled in the dent, wait for the epoxy to fully dry before painting the fiberglass cloth to match the rest of your car. 

Fiberglass is an extremely common material used in the exteriors of many cars. However, it can be prone to suffering a couple of different types of damage. By understanding using fiberglass body filler to repair minor cracks and using cloth for dents, you can help prevent routine damages from impacting the appearance of your car. If you need professional help, visit Central Body Co Inc.