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Car Needs New Paint? Find Auto Body Services Here

Getting A Cracked Windshield Repaired After A Collision: Things To Know

by Edgar Wagner

Does the crack in your windshield from a collision not bother you enough to spend money on a repair? You might want to rethink holding off on getting the cracked windshield fixed, as it can be a safety hazard if you happen to get into a collision. Find out in this article about the hazards of a cracked windshield in a rollover and front-end collision.

How is a Cracked Windshield Hazardous in a Rollover Collision?

When there is any size of crack in a windshield, it can compromise the sturdiness of the top of your car. For instance, if the crack was not present, there is a better chance that the top area wouldn't cave completely in during a rollover collision. A windshield must be in good shape because it actually acts as support for keeping the top upright. If you were to get into a rollover collision with a good windshield, the top is likely to suffer from dents instead of caving in. The protection against the top caving in can also save you from possible severe injuries; or even an injury that is fatal.

What Makes a Cracked Windshield Hazardous in a Front-End Collision?

You must understand that the windshield plays a vital role in the severity of impact that you will experience in a front-end collision. Your vehicle is actually designed with a chassis area that is situated beneath the hood. When the windshield is cracked, the impact of a collision is unable to travel into the chassis area. If you don't get the crack repaired, your windshield will shatter easier in a front-end collision and you can experience bad injuries from the impact. It is not wise for you to simply make a repair on your own, as the repair kits sold to the general public for glass may not get rid of the crack completely.

What Are Professionals Estimated to Charge for a Windshield Repair?

If a glass repair specialist is able to repair the crack to a satisfactory condition, you should expect to pay at least $50 or more. If the crack is located close to the edge of the glass or if it is too large for a simple repair, the specialist will have to replace the windshield. A windshield replacement is estimated to cost $100 or more, but it depends on the type of vehicle that you have. Get your cracked windshield fixed as soon as you can to have more security in a collision! For more information, contact a collision repair shop, such as Black Horse Auto Body Shop Inc.