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Car Needs New Paint? Find Auto Body Services Here

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Car Needs New Paint? Find Auto Body Services Here

3 Questions To Ask When Dealing With Auto Body Repair

by Edgar Wagner

No one ever plans on being in an accident. It just happens. However, when it does happen, you want to make sure you get your vehicle taken care of properly to get it back on the road and looking great. Oftentimes, it can be confusing trying to pick a repair facility to handle the body work for you. The last thing you want is to go to someone who isn't experienced enough to handle what it is that your vehicle needs. If you are worried about who you should be choosing, take your time and ask some of the following questions before settling on one shop over another.

Where do you order the repair parts from?

Ask where they are getting their parts from to do the job. Are they getting them straight from the manufacturer or are they heading to the local salvage yard to get quality used parts? This is important because it could determine any possible warranties on the parts, as well as how they are going to end up matching up with the rest of your vehicle.

Do you offer a loaner vehicle?

If you are getting extensive body work done on your vehicle, it is going to take some time. During that time, you are going to need something else to drive to get you where you need to go. While some car repair facilities offer a loaner vehicle, not all of them do. You should ask to see if that is an option for you or not. This could end up saving you a lot of hassles and headaches if they do offer loaners, not to mention extra money in your pocket.

What type of experience do you have with different models of vehicles?

Another thing to ask is what their experience is in working on your particular model of vehicle. If you have a classic car, you want someone who has worked on them in the past. You don't want someone who has never touched a classic. There are significant differences between cars from 50 years ago and today, which is why it is important that the shop you hire can accommodate your vehicle needs.

By asking the three questions above, you can make sure you get the vehicle repairs you need done quickly and efficiently. The goal is to end up with your vehicle looking like it never had auto body work done in the first place. Shop around at auto body collision repair centers for price quotes.