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Car Needs New Paint? Find Auto Body Services Here

Tips To Help You Avoid Dents In Your Vehicle's Body

by Edgar Wagner

A good auto body repair shop will be able to easily remove any dents in your vehicle's body, but in the meantime you'll be cringing each time you catch a glimpse of this damage on the otherwise pristine body panels of your car. The best way to deal with vehicle dents is to take steps to avoid getting them altogether, and while it's impossible to completely eliminate your risk of having your vehicle dented while it's parked, there are a handful of strategies that you can use to minimize this risk. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Relocate Your Vehicle Before You Cut The Lawn

Perhaps the only thing worse than having your vehicle's body dented is you being responsible for the dent yourself. A common way that this can occur is when you're cutting your lawn. The blades of the lawnmower can easily pick up gravel in your lawn and throw the individual pieces at a considerable speed. If you're cutting along the edge of your driveway, you can easily damage your vehicle. A good practice to adopt is temporarily parking your vehicle on the street while you mow the lawn and then return the vehicle to the driveway when the job is done.

Park At The Far End Of The Parking Lot

While it's convenient to get a spot in the parking lot that's close to the door of the grocery store, shopping center or restaurant, this position carries a higher risk that someone will park next to you. Whenever you have a vehicle just a couple feet away, there's a risk that the vehicle's doors can be swung to dent your vehicle's panels. If the parking lot is large, make a point of parking as far away as possible. It'll take you an extra minute or two to get to the door of the establishment, but you'll be greatly reducing the risk of damage to your vehicle.

Keep Your Vehicle Away From Kids' Games

It's nice to see your children playing outside, but not if their games risk damage to your vehicle. If your kids play hockey or baseball, for example, there's always the chance that an errant throw or shot will end up denting your vehicle, especially if the kids are playing in the driveway. Consider temporarily parking your vehicle on the road or encouraging your kids to play in the backyard or in a local park.

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