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Car Needs New Paint? Find Auto Body Services Here

6 Ways Telematics Technology in Your Equipment Can Reduce Repair Costs & Improve Your Bottom Line

by Edgar Wagner

If you're running a commercial operation that relies on a vehicle fleet, you should be aware of the many advantages of telematics technology. Telematics equipment uses cellular technology to automatically track vital data like idling time, fuel consumption, mileage, GPS positioning, and more in vehicles. Getting telematics equipment to track this data can improve the condition of both your equipment and your bottom line; here are just six examples:

Improve operator performance

Without telematics data, heavy equipment operators may not be readily aware of how their operating habits are affecting the equipment condition. This type of data can give operators insights into how their speed affects fuel consumption or how idling time affects engine operation and wear on mechanical parts. Telematics data can therefore improve operator performance over time, and this will minimize the need for equipment repairs. 

Ensure equipment gets routine maintenance

One of the most important functions of telematics equipment is that it can be programmed to keep track of maintenance schedules. With telematics, you can know that your heavy equipment will never be operating under the excessive stress caused by missed maintenance procedures like oil changes and tire replacement. 

Optimize productivity

Telematics data prevents downtime for repairs by keeping equipment up-to-date on routine maintenance needs. This makes it so that equipment can constantly be in operation during working hours, and overall productivity is thereby improved. Furthermore, the GPS positioning capabilities of telematics equipment makes it so that fleet vehicle are instantly locatable no matter what worksite they are being used on. 

Optimize fuel consumption

One of the biggest expenses for a commercial fleet is fuel. The more you can get out of each gallon of fuel your equipment consumers, the more your bottom line will be improved. Telematics data can show you what behaviors and work tasks cause fuel to be consumed at a faster rate. Carefully studying this data can allow a fleet to use less fuel while getting more work done. 

Lower insurance costs

Insurance providers know that the GPS tracking technology offered by telematics equipment can improve safety by preventing accidents. They therefore sometimes offer discounts when insuring equipment that includes telematics capabilities. 

Manage heavy equipment purchase and usage

With telematics data, it's easy to carefully track the efficiency, productivity, safety, and ease of use of individual vehicles and pieces of equipment. This makes it easier to make decisions on which equipment models to buy and which equipment models to use for particular worksite tasks.

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