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Car Needs New Paint? Find Auto Body Services Here

Grabbing Attention With A Mobile Advertisement

by Edgar Wagner

If you are in the process of starting your own disc jockey service, you are most likely concerned about getting the word out about your new business so customers hire you for parties or to play in their taverns. Consider advertising with the assistance of your vehicle to get the word out to many people in your neighborhood without having do any more than driving around share your information. Here are some tips you can use to gain attention from those who see your vehicle, possibly helping you to gather customers as a result.

Design Your Vehicle Appropriately

A disc jockey brings the entertainment to any event. Because of this, you want to make your advertisement noticeable and exuding the aura of fun. Brightly colored lettering and whimsical music notes painted directly on your vehicle are bound to get people to look in your direction as you drive past. If you intend to play music primarily for weddings or high-class functions, consider having black window tint applied to your vehicle and use classic, white lettering to get your information across to others.

Take Frequent Cruises Around Town

It is important that you bring your vehicle out on the open road at times when traffic is heavy. This will allow several people to see your advertisement during one excursion out into town, helping to boost your customer base as a result. It is a good idea to drive in areas where there are several stop signs and traffic lights so you need to slow your vehicle long enough for those around you to read the information you wish to share. Consider playing fun, favorite tunes as you drive around to gain attention with the sound as well.

Park In The Right Areas

One way to get people to appreciate your advertisement design, is by parking your vehicle in areas associated with music and fun. Park outside a classic record store, a posh wedding hall, or children's party facility. Spend some time parked outside a musical instrument store, a popular biker bar, a local carnival, or an amusement park. The people frequenting these area may be interested in hiring someone to play music at an event in the near future. Consider placing a box of free compact discs with some of your favorite music set lists on top of your vehicle for those walking past to take one. Make sure to have your vehicle's advertisement displayed in full view and list the information on the discs listed on the discs as well.

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