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Car Needs New Paint? Find Auto Body Services Here

Which Lift Kit Is Right For Your Jeep?

by Edgar Wagner

Investing in a Jeep gives you a lot of options. You have the ability to use the vehicle as a daily driver, but you also gain access to a vehicle that can perform in off-road situations.

There are a few different types of lift kits available on today's market for Jeep drivers. In order to maximize the performance and durability of your Jeep, you will need to invest in the lift kit capable of meeting your unique driving needs.

Coil Spacer Kits

Coil spacer kits are gaining in popularity among Jeep enthusiasts. These kits are designed for drivers who want to add a little bit of clearance to their vehicle without raising the body itself.

A coil spacer kit can be used when you want additional clearance for your Jeep's transfer case or when you want to exchange the stock tires for a larger model.

Coil spacers are simply added beneath your stock springs to increase overall clearance by a few inches.

Body Lift Kits

The most widely known type of lift kit for Jeeps is a body lift kit. This kit includes a durable rubber spacer buck that creates separation between the body of the Jeep and the frame of the vehicle. The thickness of the puck will determine how much of a lift your Jeep's body gets.

A body lift kit is a great option for drivers who are interested in appearances only. You can usually find an affordable body kit that doesn't require the replacement of your stock shocks, so the low price of these kits helps drive their popularity.

Don't expect to enjoy improved off-road performance from a body lift kit, as you are only altering the appearance of the Jeep with a body lift.

Suspension Lift Kits

If you are planning to do a lot of off-road traveling with your jeep, it can be beneficial to invest in a suspension lift kit. A suspension lift kit is designed to not only enhance the appearance of your Jeep but improve the way it handles on rough roads as well.

The purpose of a suspension lift kit is to increase the distance between the suspension system and the frame of your Jeep. Increasing this distance can help increase wheel travel so that you can crawl over rocks and uneven terrain with ease.

Suspension lifts also allow for larger tires to be installed on your Jeep, giving you the ground clearance you will need to avoid undercarriage damage when navigating rough roads.

Contact a supplier of Jeep lift kits for more information.