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Car Needs New Paint? Find Auto Body Services Here

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Car Needs New Paint? Find Auto Body Services Here

4 Auto Collision Repair Services That Leading Auto Repair Shops Offer

by Edgar Wagner

Most auto collision repair shops are independently owned businesses that sell auto parts and offer a range of mechanical, electrical, and bodywork repair services. So if your car is damaged during a collision, you have no reason to worry because the right technicians will restore your car.

Generally, it takes a skilled and certified auto mechanic equipped with specialized tools to restore your car to original or pre-collision condition. Fortunately, many leading auto body repair shops offer the following services:

1. Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

Your car windshield, side windows, quarter glass, or rear windows may chip off, develop cracks, or be shattered during a collision. The extent of damage will influence the decision to repair or replace the auto glass. When you visit a collision auto repair shop, the technicians will ensure they replace the damaged auto glass with a new fit that matches the original one. They also repair and restore slightly damaged pieces of glass to enhance safety.

2. Dent and Scratch Removal

You don't need an elaborate paint job to fix dents and minor scratches on your car body after a collision. A qualified auto body mechanic will easily check if a dent or scratch requires a touch-up.  

They usually use advanced techniques, which often involve rubbing the spot with sandpaper or scratch remover cloth before repainting. Dent removal requires a combination of candle wax, hot air blower (or hot water), dowel pins, and a suction cup dent-removal kit to pop out a dented area. Thankfully, the collision repair experts know the right methods to use to remove dents and scratches.

3. Major Auto Frame Overhaul

Major car body collision repairs may involve welding, panel beating, alignment, replacing parts, electrical repairs, and seat re-cushioning.

Rigorous checks and computerized structural measurements help to restore vehicle frames to manufacturer specifications. This guarantees safety when your car is back on the road.

4. Car Painting Services

An expertly done paint job will transform your vehicle's appearance and give it a glossy and superb color match after a collision. The collision repair technicians eliminate all the unsightly scratches, cracks, dents, and color peeling in order to give your car a smooth finish.

They might also apply automotive wax and subject your car to buffing to protect the color finish. The repair technicians may also recommend cleaning with a mild automotive detergent and a non-abrasive material to avoid damaging the painted surface.

Are you worried about your car after a collision? Worry no more because auto collision repair shops can fix your wrecked vehicle. Hire a service to look over your vehicle, and they will be glad to repair and restore your damaged car.